Fix No Audio via headphones or Speakers in kindle Device

Many of the users reported about Kindle Fire as they face a problem of the not getting an audio from the headphones or by the speaker. Here you got a normal process by followed this how the simple problem which you ignore and those problems. Which suffers not got an audio from a Kindle Fire. Some of the normal process through which you got a proper audio from your kindle fire device, if in any case may be this blog will not work then you can contact to kindle help team and get fix your issue by the help of kindle experts.

Normal Solutions are like:-

First make sure that the volume is properly turned up high a volume button which is located on the side of the Kindle Fire and if not get volume after pressing a volume button high then go on the device setting option and check it on Display and sound setting because such time audio is mute from there also. After this if you not get audio from the kindle fire then make a simple reboot your tablet by make it turning off and on again. Once also check if there is case cover on your tablet so remove it and then check via headphones ones again dose it working or not.


Sometimes be sure also unplug the power button from your kindle fire from any of the power sources also. Because when power plug is connected the device should not be work properly. Try ones the jiggling the headphones jack also and check whether it produce an audio or not. These are the simple followed them and make audible your Kindle Fire via the headphone or by the speakers also.

Now if the problem is not solve then you need to contact with the customer support of the device manufacturing company so they could check whether there is problem in headphone jack or the speakers has some problem like fault. Author is an expert of keyword, visit here for more interesting information