Paintball or Laser Tag

Two activities using the art of shooting a gun against an enemy player are paintball and laser tag. Paintball is exactly where players shoot the enemy players using a paintball gun. They use an actual ball of paint to shoot their enemies leaving their mark. Laser tag is usually a bit similar minus the paint and some discomfort. It can be a little painful any time you get hit by a paintball whereas laser tag simply demands on laser detection. Now in case you had been to choose which a single you'd wish to play? More information on laser tag singapore click here.

What to count on with paintball

You might be typically geared up to the gills when playing paintball. You put on something like military boots, camouflage, goggles and others.

You will be employing a paintball which may be a bit larger but it is lighter so to speak.

The actual capacity to fire and aim the gun is there. You just hope you don’t get hit in the process if your accuracy sucks.

Paintball can be a little messy given that you'd be obtaining shot using a ball of paint on your clothes.

What to expect from laser tag


Within a sense laser tag is often a bit much more family members oriented. That is mainly because most members can play it as they don’t must put on a whole lot of gear.

Additionally, it isn’t as messy and it truly is a bit easier to land a hit on an enemy so long as the detection isn’t malfunctioning certainly.

Laser tag is mainly played indoors to ensure that the lasers can detect the surroundings. You will discover outside regions that do additionally, it offered together with the proper specifications.

Laser tag can possess a lot far more diverse guidelines in regards to determining and scoring the winner in the match.

You could fundamentally play both so which 1 is better is up to you.